Networking & Connectivity

As part of our offering, we supply and install all kinds of network cabling (Ethernet cabling), AKA cat5 cabling, cat6 cabling and cat6a or cat7 cabling.

  • Data and voice cabling
    Data and voice cabling (structured cabling company) for office (business) and home (residential)
  • Fibre installation
    Backbone fibre installation and fibre to the desktop services. We do fibre splicing, testing and repairs.
  • Wireless installation
    Wireless installation for business and home to boost or extend your current wireless network.
  • Point-to-Point Wireless
    Point-to-Point wireless to link to buildings when cabling is not an option. Distance and speed depends on devices installed.

Fibre Internet

We have partnered with Webafrica who has multiple underlying infrastructure providers to help us bring the best possible internet options to as many areas as possible. These are the guys who dig the trenches and lay the cables, while we make sure you get connected when you need it.

Fixed LTE Internet

Our Fixed LTE service uses hassle-free mobile technology rather than complicated cables. Your path to the internet is airborne, straight from your router to your nearest LTE tower.

No landline, no cables, no landlord approval, no lengthy contracts. Just you, your SIM-powered router and you’re ready.

All delivered to your door, up and running, within 5 business days of your successful order.