Back-up Solutions – Data & Power

One of the most important and neglected necessities in a business is data backups. It’s also the last thing companies put in place and the worst thing that can happen. You must have a proper data back-up solution in place!

We offer data and power back-up solutions for every scenario. We even offer data recovery services for when you’re the one whose back-up solution has failed.

We offer data services in the following categories:

  • On-Site Data Back-up
    For clients with limited internet connectivity and larger data sizes, we offer an on-site back-up service. We come to you, back up your data and make sure you’re covered for when that time comes.
  • Off-Site Data Back-up
    For clients with dedicated back-up machines/hardware or a very good internet connection, we offer a couple of off-site solutions.
    • Remote back-up: We manage your back-up remotely and store your data to your back-up machine/device.
    • Cloud-based back-up: We setup your machines to automatically back-up to a secure data storage facility such as OneDrive, an FTP Server or a back-up server.

Data Recovery

We offer an in-house data recovery service, specifically software-based, where we recover lost data. Data that has been deleted, formatted or moved… we can help!

We also offer a more in-depth hardware-based recovery solution in association with one of our partners, INTRATEC DATA RECOVERY.

Power Back-up & Redundancy

We offer UPS solutions, to give you the time to save your work and shut down your machines when a power outage hits. We also offer solar and inverter battery back-up solutions for clients who can’t go without electricity, in collaboration with our approved solar power affiliate.