SACoronavirus Link To SACoronavirus.Co.Za Required On South African Websites

As of 26 March, a new rule for all South African domains ending in .za was implemented. All such domains are required to link to (the South African Government Corona Virus Portal, SA Coronavirus) on their home page/landing page in a way that is visible to site users. More information about this can be found here: Regulation No. 43164, also here: and here: Business Insider.

Help Spread The Message

The message “Do your part. Stay home” is particularly important. Many people are of the opinion that the virus won’t kill them because they are young and healthy. This leads to people circumventing the rules. With everyone on the front lines risking their lives, and with immense pressure on the economy, it is vital that everyone do their part to end this lockdown, especially if that part is staying home.

Need help getting the SACoronavirus.Co.Za HTML Banner onto your website?

Simply contact us and we’ll install the HTML banner onto your website and so fulfill the requirement to link to and keep your site users informed of the current lockdown level and corona stats in South Africa while also spreading the message “Do your part. Stay home”.